The durability of the TC2000 weighing system: proof from the field
In the world of materials management and logistics, there are customers who are not only satisfied, but downright enthusiastic about our products. One of these customers is Bernd Brunhöver, who has the TC2000 hydraulic weighing system has been using his second forklift truck since the end of 2005, even under the harsh conditions of an agricultural business. Bernd Brunhöver is a man of action and practice. His first encounter with the weighing system was characterized by the need for reliable checkweighing when selling livestock. However, the possible applications of the system went far beyond the original goal. The flexibility of the Weighing system TC2000 enabled him to carry out precise checkweighing even when loading potatoes, without having to rely blindly on information.

"I wouldn't have thought that the system would work so well for so long. The display isn't scratched much either, even though there's a lot of dust in places and the truck doesn't have a cabin"
Bernd Brunhöver

The proven reliability of the TC2000 hydraulic weighing system for forklift trucks
The longevity of the weighing system for forklift trucks is no longer a surprise for Bernd Brunhöver, but a confirmed fact. After converting the system to his second forklift truck, he encountered a few challenges, but our competent team was always at his side and ensured that his requirements were met. One notable aspect of Bernd Brunhöver's experience with the forklift weighing system is the ease of maintenance and calibration. He performs the calibration with a known weight. This simple but effective method has proven to be extremely reliable and ensures that his weighing results are always accurate. Of course, there have been challenges over almost two decades, such as a loose cable, but Bernd Brunhöver proves to be an extremely capable user who can solve these problems quickly and efficiently. His experience with the mobile weighing system is a testament to the robustness and reliability of this product, which performs excellently even under demanding conditions.

"Even water is not a big problem, even if it was only accidental"
Bernd Brunhöver

How the TC2000 hydraulic weighing system withstands the toughest conditions even after decades

Bernd Brunhöver is not only a satisfied customer, but also a prime example of the durability and practicality of the TC2000 hydraulic weighing system. His story shows that with a high-quality product like the TC2000, even the most demanding challenges can be mastered for decades.

Bernd Brunhöver's experience with the TC2000 hydraulic weighing system clearly demonstrates the advantages of this technology. Integration into the forklift truck makes the system extremely robust and resistant to the harsh conditions on farms, for example. In contrast to weighing systems based on electronic load cells, hydraulic weighing systems are less susceptible to vibrations and damage. Even under extreme conditions, they maintain their accuracy and reliability, making them an ideal choice for demanding working environments such as Bernd Brunhöver's farm.

Weighing system TC2000 Year 2005