The evolution of the Euro pallet: an icon of European goods transportation

The history of the Euro pallet is a history of change and innovation in the transportation of goods. Since its introduction in the 1960s, the Euro pallet has revolutionized the logistics industry and established itself as an indispensable tool for the transport of goods and merchandise in Europe. With its standardized dimensions of 1,200 mm × 800 mm × 144 mm, the Euro pallet has demonstrated impressive versatility and has quickly become the first choice for companies in various industries, from warehousing to manufacturing and industry.

Challenges in Euro pallet handling and solutions with KOOI®Reachforks

Despite their popularity, however, companies often face challenges in the efficient handling and storage of Euro pallets, particularly in the industrial sector. One of these challenges is compatibility with material handling equipment such as forklift trucks. Standard forks are usually 1,200 mm long and are suitable for the lengthwise transportation of Euro pallets. However, when cross-docking or handling pallets, Euro pallets are often picked up crosswise. This can lead to the forks protruding when they hit Euro pallets picked up crosswise.

KOOI®Reachforks Euro pallet handling
KOOI®Reachforks Euro pallet handling transverse 1
KOOI®Reachforks Euro pallet handling transverse 2
Optimum Euro pallet handling with KOOI®Reachforks

This is where KOOI®Reachforks with a length L/K of 800 mm/400 mm come into play. These KOOI®Reachforks have a retracted length of 800 mm and an extended length of 1,200 mm. These hydraulically extendable forks were developed for transporting Euro pallets. With an adjustable length of 800 mm and 1200 mm, the forks can be perfectly adapted to the size of the Euro pallets. This ensures that the forks neither protrude beyond the pallets nor are too short to transport them safely.

Efficient and safe pallet handling with the innovative KOOI® ReachControl

The special feature KOOI®Reachforks is the innovative, retrofittable KOOI® ReachControl, a wireless length measurement system that makes it easier to set the KOOI®Reachforks to the desired length. Predefined lengths can be set and the forks stop when this predefined length is reached. For example, when using "Block" or CHEP pallets. These pallets measure 1,200 mm x 1,000 mm. The system does not require the installation of cables above the mast and allows the operator to set the length of the forks directly from the driver's cab. This not only increases efficiency when handling different pallets, but also improves safety in the workplace.

Save money with KOOI®Reachforks

By using KOOI®Reachforks companies can not only increase the efficiency of their pallet handling, but also reduce the cost of damage to pallets and goods. Pallet damage not only leads to additional expenses for repairs and replacements, but also to delays in operations and additional workload for warehouse staff.

Innovative pallet handling with KOOI®Reachforks

Overall, they offer KOOI®Reachforks an innovative solution for companies that want to optimize their pallet handling and reduce costs at the same time. With their adaptability to the dimensions of Euro pallets and other pallets and their user-friendly design, they are an indispensable tool for companies in various industries.