Replaceable wear bar underneath the outer fork

These additional attached manganese strips protect the actual outer forks. The fork thickness is increased by 5 mm. The total wear thickness becomes 6 + 5 mm = 11 mm.

KOOI®Reachforks with wear strip below the fork tip

Wear bar under the fork tip

Wear bar screwed under the fork tip. The replaceable wear bar with deeply countersunk screws is mounted below the transition to the tip and protects the outer fork in the most wear-sensitive area.
Brinell hardness 600, thickness 10 mm

Load protection grille

is bolted to the Y2 pallet stops and moves forward with the outer forks (height 1200 mm, width 750 mm or 950 mm). Incl. Y2 stops

Load protection grille

For reach trucks narrow at the bottom (750 mm) wide at the top (950 mm)

Load protection grid for KOOI®Reachforks

Width continuous 750 mm or 950 mm

Various pallet stops for KOOI®Reachforks

Y2 stops minimum 50 mm and Y3 stops minimum 75 mm from the back of the fork

Pallet stops

(travel with to the front, for a fixed fork length).

Y1:are on the side of the fork back when the forks are retracted.
Y2:400 mm high stops to reduce the fork length.
Y2S:like Y2 but cranked to the rear.
Y3:Height 850 mm, supports the load, fork length is reduced.

Folding stops

These folding stops on the back of the fork can be folded up manually or hydraulically. The useful fork length can be changed in this way. Prices on request

Hydraulic folding stop for KOOI®Reachforks
Folding stops for KOOI telescopic forks
Application example KOOI®Reachforks with camera system on a reach truck

Perfect view to the front, for double-deep pallet storage with KOOI®Reachforks

TeleKOOIfork with camera

The housing of the fork-mounted camera CFMC is just 25 mm high and approx. 30 mm wide

TeleKOOIfork with camera

For KOOI®Reachforks without stops, the CPH camera is permanently mounted on the fork bend

Option KOOI®Reachforks with Orlaco camera system

(see camera systems)

For double-deep pallet storage, a view to the front is important in order to be able to approach the second row safely. For this application, the narrow TeleKOOIfork of the TFG2 or RGN2 series is preferably equipped with a CFMC fork camera. The camera is usually positioned just behind the fork tip and has additional LED illumination. Stops are required for cable routing.


Atex according to EN 1755-2015

Delivery includes certificate for zone II2G, IIB, II2D, IIIC
Outer forks made of special stainless steel with additional protection below the fork bend.

Available without pallet stop or with pallet stop.

TeleKOOI fork in ATEX version
KOOI®Reachforks ATEX version

KOOI®ReachControl (retrofittable system)

With electronic length indicator for automatic adjustment of different fork lengths. Display with touchscreen. The fork automatically stops at the preselected position via a solenoid valve (with auto-stop function). Bluetooth signal transmission, no mast cable required. TeleKOO fork remains unchanged.
Can be retrofitted to all KOOI®Reachforks.

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