Printer and data transmission


Built-on thermal printer (for hand pallet trucks as built-in printer). Power supply via the display unit. Printout gross/net/tare incl. date and time. In case of adding function, the sequence number is printed at each weighing and at the end the number of weighings and the total weight.

Heated housing optional for cold storage applications down to -30 degrees.

Printer GripMouse

Thermal printer GripMouse

for all weighing systems except HPT

Printer GripLine

Journal printer GripLine

for display unit TC or SmartBox

Griptech Data Logger

Data logger

Only for R320 and R420 display unit

Data transmission

The Griptech SmartBox - BLUE, SMART, STRONG


Processing and transmission of weighing data

Griptech Connect (Bluetooth 5.0 or WLAN)

Griptech Connect

Weighing data transmission

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