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Mobile weighing technology is the integration of weighing systems in industrial trucks with the aim of being able to weigh the picked-up load directly. The use of mobile weighing technology eliminates the need for stationary scales. This means no additional travel distances, no waiting time at stationary scales, less energy consumption, lower risk of accidents.

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Mobile weighing technology from Griptech
Hand pallet truck weighing HPT - Thumb Nail

Weighing hand pallet truck

EP6 weighing low lift pallet truck with R320 indicator

Electric pallet truck

ST6 weighing electric pallet truck with R320 indicator

Electric high lift truck

Weighing forks WG HD

Weighing forks

Weighing fork carriage WGT

Cradle fork carriage

Hydraulic weighing system TC2000

Hydraulic weighing systems

Overload protection OLP

Overload protection

Weighing beam series WB

Stationary weighing systems

World leading weighing systems from Griptech for industrial trucks and forklifts

Griptech is a leading supplier of user-optimized, hydraulic weighing systems for industrial trucks and forklifts. Our products are known worldwide for their stability and reproducible results. Through our decades of experience and the challenge of meeting the demands of tough operating conditions, we have continuously evolved.

Adaptation to the needs of the customer

Our products are adapted to the needs of our customers and offer a wide range of functions, from a space-saving display to small ERP systems with customized information transfers and special functions. We put ourselves at the service of the customer around the user and the need of the application, offering a solution for every use.

Mobile weighing technology

Mobile weighing technology refers to the integration of weighing systems into industrial trucks and forklifts in order to weigh the picked up load directly. This means that no additional travel is required, no waiting time at stationary scales, this means less energy consumption and a lower risk of accidents.

Suitable weighing systems for your logistics process

To determine the appropriate weighing system for your logistics process, it is important to know what you want to weigh and with what accuracy. Keep in mind that the deviation can occur both upwards and downwards.

Calibratable systems from Griptech

Griptech is certified to build its own legal-for-trade systems and to perform initial manufacturer certification for both non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) and automatic weighing instruments (AWI hydraulic weighing system). Please consult with the local weights and measures authority to determine whether a legal-for-trade weighing system is required.

Weighing technology or weighing technology? Which is correct?

Weighing technology is a term that is often used in the trade, but may sound unusual to many people.

The origin of the term weighing technology

The word "weighing" seems at first glance to be the correct term for determining the weight of objects, but in fact the word "weighing" comes from the same Germanic word "wigan", which means "to move" or "to swing". This meaning applies to scales as well as to weighing.

The change in the use of "weighing" and "weighing"

Over the centuries, however, the use of the word "weighing" in comparison with "weighing" has receded more and more. Language and words are subject to constant change, and even the Duden dictionary states that "weighing" is now the modern term for "determining weight," while "weighing" is considered obsolete.
In the professional world, however, the use of the term "weighing" has survived as an accurate expression for the process of determining weight with the help of a scale. The term is also still used in words such as "weigh" and "consider".

Griptech relies on modern weighing technology solutions

At Griptech we have adopted the modern expression "weighing technology" to express that our products are modern and innovative. We rely on high quality materials and advanced technologies to provide durable and reliable weighing solutions.

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