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Mobile weighing technology

Mobile weighing technology is the integration of weighing systems in industrial trucks with the aim of being able to weigh the picked-up load directly. The use of mobile weighing technology eliminates the need for stationary scales. This means no additional travel distances, no waiting time at stationary scales, less energy consumption, lower risk of accidents.

To determine the right weighing system for your logistics process, it is important to know in advance what you want to weigh and with what accuracy. It should be noted that with the specified system accuracy, the deviation can occur both upwards and downwards. The display steps set in the indicator are related to the system accuracy.

Griptech is certified to build its own legal-for-trade systems and to perform initial manufacturer certification for both non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) and automatic weighing instruments (AWI hydraulic weighing system) on new equipment. A legal-for-trade weighing system is not necessarily more accurate, but the deviations must meet certain tolerances. A legal for trade system is required if you sell by weight and the weight is not verifiable. If a legal for trade weighing system is required, please contact your local weights and measures office.

NMi certificate CE-294 automatic weighing instruments
NMi certificate CE-294 non-automatic weighing instruments

Weighing systems based on electronic load cells

Griptech builds and supplies mobile weighing systems based on electronic load cells with integrated strain gauges, which are mounted in the structure and the determined weight is shown on the display via an indicator. These systems are very accurate with an accuracy of up to 0.1% of the weighed weight. However, the load cells are generally also relatively sensitive to shock forces. The verified systems are available as non-automatic class III scales up to 3000 parts. 

Hydraulic weighing systems

Furthermore, Griptech produces and supplies hydraulic weighing systems, which determine the weight via the hydraulic pressure of the lifting unit. These weighing systems are insensitive, very stable, weigh independently of the load center of gravity, have no influence on the residual capacity and can be used in combination with attachments. They are also suitable for large forklifts and reach stackers up to 100 t load capacity.

In hydraulic weighing systems, the accuracy is determined as a percentage of the load capacity of the vehicle. Griptech builds and supplies the most accurate and also the first legal-for-trade hydraulic weighing system for forklifts in this accuracy class, with system accuracy down to 0.1%. As a legal-for-trade automatic scale (class Y(a)), the system offers an accuracy of up to 1150 parts. Hydraulic scales always require the load to move up, down or in both directions. These systems are less suitable for order picking.

All hydraulic weighing systems can only be calibrated after installation.

Combination with attachments

Griptech is able to supply the mobile weighing system with the appropriate accuracy for almost any application. Both the load cells and the hydraulic weighing systems are designed for rough everyday use. The use of only high quality components results in low maintenance and long service life. Griptech builds various attachments such as fork positioners or rotators, with load cells integrated in the design.

Display device and data processing:


The load cells generate an electrical signal which is transmitted to a display unit where the measurement signals from the weighing sensors are converted into a visible weight. Griptech designs and builds its own indicators and uses partially available indicators on the market depending on the desired functionality and data processing. We also supply special versions, such as ATEX, cold store version, stainless steel housing and other special solutions.


For you as a customer, the weighing system is a means of making the weight of the load visible. However, it is becoming increasingly important to further transfer the weight to an inventory management system. In this area, the possibilities are many and the customer requirements are often very specific. We are able to determine the weight, to record a lot of additional information and to transfer it to your inventory management system in a specific format.

You can recognize verifiable weighing systems by this seal:

Seal for legal-for-trade weighing system

The possibilities include:

  • Printing of the weighing data via a thermal or label printer.
  • Accumulation of several weighing operations.
  • Piece counting function.
  • Product designation memory with weight input for piece counting.
  • Enter product code or deposit it by means of a scanner.
  • SmartBox for data storage (Alibi memory) and transmission.
  • Data transmission via RS232 cable, WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G


Griptech has a team of service technicians who assemble and calibrate hydraulic weighing systems on vehicles both at the customer's site and at our headquarters. For calibrated systems it is cheaper and better to do the assembly at our headquarters in Herzogenrath.

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