Optimize your goods handling with Griptech's wide range of products

Griptech GmbH, an innovation driver in the industry of auxiliary equipment for industrial trucks, offers a wide range of options in its extensive product portfolio. These help to significantly increase both the well-being of operators and the efficiency of goods handling. Through its innovative products, Griptech GmbH facilitates the everyday work of skilled workers and creates significant added value for the logistics industry.

Baumann sideloader with KOOI®-Reachforks with a load capacity of 25,000 kg

KOOI®-ReachforksEfficient material handling with impressive load capacity - we set standards in bus production and warehouse logistics!

KOOI®-Reachforks have long since become an indispensable tool in the field of material handling.

Reachstacker with TC3000-RS hydraulic weighing system

SOLAS guidelines and TC3000-RS: Perfect weighing solution for safe sea transportation

SOLAS guidelines, particularly in relation to the loading of sea containers, and how our advanced TC3000-RS weighing system meets these standards.

Grape harvesting and crate turners: Quality wine with Griptech KIK

Grape harvesting and crate turners: Quality wine with Griptech KIK

The KIK box rotator from Griptech has proven to be an indispensable aid in the grape harvest. They are versatile and have been designed for agricultural and light to heavy-duty industrial applications.

Business Case SedumExtra KOOI®-Reachforks in combination with the Fork Positioner ZVR

Logistics optimization: KOOI®-Reachforks in combination with Fork Positioner ZVR

This business case analyzes the increase in effectiveness of logistics at SedumExtra, a full-service supplier of green roofs, through the use of Griptech's KOOI®-Reachforks in combination with Fork Positioner ZVR.

Hand pallet truck weighing HPT Blog

All about hand pallet truck and precise weighing hand pallet truck HPT

Hand pallet trucks are indispensable workhorses in warehouses, factories and logistics centers. These manually operated devices make moving heavy loads, pallets and goods much easier.


Paper roll clamps for forklift trucks

Paper roll clamps for forklift trucks

The production of paper and cardboard requires advanced technologies and efficient processes in order to meet the increasing demand. A decisive factor in these processes is the safe and efficient transportation of paper rolls.


Linde Driving Days 2023

Linde Driving Days 2023

The Linde Driving Days 2023, excellently prepared and executed by Linde Material Handling Germany, took place from September 11 to 20 at the impressive Mendig airfield.


Forklift truck on public roads

Forklift truck on public roads

Forklifts find their place in numerous companies. When it comes to their use on public roads, special requirements are placed on the equipment of the forklifts as well as on the qualification of the drivers.

Weighing with forklift truck, hydraulic and load cell based weighing systems from Griptech

Increased efficiency through mobile weighing systems

Direct weighing during transport saves time and increases employee efficiency. Additional travel distances and waiting times at stationary scales are eliminated. This optimizes the internal flow of goods.

Why do you need a forklift driver's license

Forklift driver's license: Why it is important and how all Griptech employees benefit from it

A forklift driver's license is not only a legal requirement, but also a basic prerequisite for safety in the workplace.

Safety and speed through KOOI®-Reachforks

Safety and speed through KOOI®-Reachforks

By using KOOI®-Reachforks , loads can be handled in a safe and efficient way. The extension function of the KOOI®-Reachforks enable fast and safe movement of goods.

Forklift driver works ergonomically correct thanks to camera system from Griptech

Ergonomic work and accident prevention through camera systems

Griptech's camera systems offer an effective solution to improve safety in the workplace. The use of camera systems enables a more ergonomic way of working in the vehicle and reduces the risk of accidents.