Discover the variety of forklift types: What forklift trucks are there and where are they used?

Forklifts play a crucial role in the world of material handling, and yet the different types and their specific applications are often less well known. From forklift trucks to less common models such as telehandlers or sideloaders, there are a variety of options that vary depending on the working environment and requirements. In this article, we explore the variety of forklift types and highlight their individual applications. Please note that due to the large number of forklift types, not all of them can be covered in detail, as this would go beyond the scope of this article. Instead, we will focus on a selection to give you an insight into the world of forklift trucks. Immerse yourself in the world of forklift trucks and discover which type of forklift truck suits which requirements.


Different types of forklift trucks and their application
The forklift truck / front loader

Forklift trucks are extremely versatile industrial trucks that are used in warehouses, factories and logistics centers around the world. They are available in various models, including electric forklifts and diesel forklifts. Electric forklifts offer an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel forklifts as they produce no harmful emissions and are ideal for indoor use. They are characterized by powerful batteries and are quiet in operation. In contrast, diesel forklifts are particularly powerful and are well suited for outdoor use where large loads need to be moved over long periods of time. Diesel forklift trucks are front loaders and have robust vehicle frames that ensure long-lasting performance. A front loader is a forklift truck with the driver's seat facing the direction of travel, which allows the driver to have a constant view of the load. Although front loaders are the "classic" forklift trucks and are the most commonly used, they have two disadvantages: a large turning circle and low stability, which makes them less suitable for narrow aisles and large loads.

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Heavy duty forklift

Heavy-duty forklifts play a crucial role in large industrial plants and logistics centers where loads weighing several tons need to be moved safely and efficiently. These impressive machines, often referred to as giants of materials handling technology, are specially designed to handle exceptionally heavy objects such as heavy machinery, large containers or massive steel beams. With their robust construction, powerful motors and special load handling attachments, they can move and precisely position loads of up to several hundred tons. Despite their impressive size and power, heavy-duty forklifts are surprisingly precise and easy to control, making them indispensable helpers in difficult environments such as steelworks, port facilities and construction sites. Their efficiency contributes significantly to speeding up work processes and reducing both time and labor costs. Heavy-duty forklifts are therefore indispensable tools when it comes to moving exceptionally heavy loads in large industrial plants or logistics centers.

Griptech offers suitable KOOI®Reachforks with a load capacity of up to 40,000 kg, which enable safe and precise handling of heavy loads. In addition, Griptech offers hydraulic weighing systems that can be used on vehicles with a load capacity of up to 100,000 kg to ensure accurate weight measurement during goods handling. As the size of the truck increases, so does the need for advanced safety systems such as camera systems and radar systems to improve the visibility and maneuverability of the vehicle and prevent accidents.


Reach stackers, also known as reach stackers, are specialized industrial trucks designed for stacking and handling containers from the ground or from and to railcars or swap bodies. These heavy wheeled vehicles have an impressive lifting capacity of up to 50 tons and can weigh up to 100 tons. In contrast to conventional forklift trucks, the spreader, the load handling attachment, is not mounted on a mast, but on the end of an inclined arm similar to that of a telescopic crane or telescopic loader. This allows reach stackers to reach loading units from above, even reach over other containers and stack containers up to the third row. This flexibility enables them to transfer containers directly from one train to the train on the adjacent track, which conventional stackers could not achieve by maneuvering. Reach stackers are a cost-effective alternative to gantry cranes and straddle carriers, especially in small handling terminals, and offer the option of using a special harness, the "piggyback spreader", to pick up complete semi-trailers and place them on wagons, which is often seen in intermodal transport.

Griptech offers an outstanding hydraulic, SOLAS-compliant weighing system that provides a high accuracy of ±0.2% of the load capacity of the reachstacker. This system enables precise weighing of containers during transshipment. In addition, Griptech offers a wide range of camera systems and radar systems that are essential for the safe operation of reachstackers. These systems improve the driver's visibility and help him to recognize potential obstacles at an early stage, which contributes to a safer working environment.

The reach truck / reach frame stacker

Reach trucks, also known as reach trucks, belong to the category of motorized industrial trucks and are optimized for vertical goods storage and use in narrow warehouse structures. They have a reach mast with rigid forks or a rigid mast with tiltable forks that can be moved lengthways and tilted in some cases. The driver usually sits at right angles to the direction of travel, while the drive axle of the three-wheeled versions is usually on the side facing away from the load. The center of gravity within the wheel base reduces the risk of tipping, which makes it possible to keep reach trucks very short and facilitate operation in narrow aisles. Compared to other types of forklift trucks, they are still among the most maneuverable models, even if they are slightly wider.

Discover Griptech's special fork positioners for reach trucks, which enable flexible adaptation to different loads and therefore increase efficiency in warehouse operations. In addition, camera systems are available which, in combination with the free lift holder, significantly increase the overview when storing and retrieving pallets. These advanced technologies not only facilitate the handling of goods, but also significantly improve safety and accuracy in warehouse environments.

Electric pallet truck

Pallet trucks are versatile industrial trucks that make loading, unloading and transporting pallets efficient. There are three main types: pedestrian-operated pallet trucks, pallet trucks with a ride-on feature and pallet trucks with a side seat. These electric pallet trucks are ideal for transporting loads of up to 2 tons, especially in warehouses and DIY stores. With an electric drive and a lifting height of between 6 and 14 centimetres, they offer easy handling and high maneuverability with speeds of up to 20 km/h. The tiller-guided models are pedestrian-controlled industrial trucks and offer safety functions such as automatic braking when the tiller is folded down. Pedestrian pallet trucks have a folding or fixed platform for comfort on longer journeys. The pallet trucks with side seat enable high loads to be transported quickly over longer distances and offer additional comfort and safety for the driver thanks to their ergonomic design and side panel protection. It is important to note that trucks traveling faster than 6 km/h are no longer considered pedestrian-controlled industrial trucks with a ride-on function, but industrial trucks with a driver's platform. In this case, an industrial truck certificate, also known as a forklift license, is required in accordance with Section 7 (1) of the accident prevention regulation "Industrial trucks" (BGV D27).

Griptech also offers specialized solutions for load control. The TC2000-S hydraulic weighing system was specially developed for warehouse trucks and enables precise weight measurement during transportation. Furthermore, Griptech also offers a conversion for pallet trucks in which load cells can be integrated. These conversions enable precise weight measurement directly on the forklift truck, which enables optimized warehousing and logistics planning. With these solutions, Griptech is helping to further improve the efficiency and safety of goods handling with pallet trucks.

Electric pallet trucks

High lift pallet trucks are the ideal solution for applications with low goods turnover and short transport distances. They can replace a forklift truck at heights of up to around 6 meters and are particularly suitable for smaller warehouses. High-lift trucks are typically pedestrian trucks, which is why they are mainly used for short distances. Nevertheless, they are in no way inferior to a classic front loader in terms of stacking performance. Depending on the version, manually operated hydraulic lift models can lift loads up to 3 meters, while electric models can even reach up to 6 meters. The maximum load capacity varies between 400 kilograms and 2 tons. High-lift trucks enable loads to be stored in racks, loaded and unloaded from trucks and limited transportation. However, it is important to note that for safety reasons, high-lift stackers should not be used on slopes and only on firm and level ground. These industrial trucks are also known as pallet stackers or pedestrian stackers.

Griptech also offers specialized solutions for load control. The TC2000-S hydraulic weighing system was specially developed for warehouse trucks and enables precise weight measurement during transportation. Furthermore, Griptech also offers a conversion for high-lift trucks in which load cells can be integrated. These conversions enable precise weight measurement directly on the forklift truck, which enables optimized warehousing and logistics planning. With these solutions, Griptech is helping to further improve the efficiency and safety of goods handling with pallet trucks.

Scissor lift truck

Scissor lift trucks are indispensable components in warehouses and logistics centers, where a variety of forklift types and model variants are required to efficiently place and move goods. These all-rounders are designed to lift items to precise working heights, which is particularly crucial when loading and unloading shelves. In warehouses, where efficiency and precise placement of goods is a top priority, conventional forklift trucks often reach their limits. Scissor lift trucks offer a solution to these challenges by enabling safe and precise handling of products, even in hard-to-reach areas. Their versatility extends beyond warehouses and is also used in manufacturing facilities, retail stores and event venues. With their ability to perform precise movements and ensure safe handling, scissor lift trucks contribute significantly to optimizing warehouse processes and increasing efficiency.

Griptech offers a weighing scissor lift truck in its product range. This scissor lift truck not only enables the precise lifting of loads to the desired working height, but also offers the possibility to weigh the weight of the loads. With a weighing accuracy of ±0.1% of the weighed weight, this weighing scissor lift truck ensures that companies not only work efficiently, but also receive accurate information about the weight of their loads.

Hand pallet truck

A pallet truck, with or without an electric drive, is an indispensable piece of industrial truck equipment for transporting goods within a company. Equipped with two metal tines, it can move transport pallets, pallet cages and other transport aids effortlessly on level ground. A hydraulic device and linkage adjust the height of the lifting tines parallel to the ground to lift the pallet for loading. The handle of the pallet truck is used for moving and steering as well as for lifting by means of a hydraulic cylinder. A lever with a cable pull is usually used for lowering. Hand pallet trucks are comparatively light and can move loads of 2.0 t (for standard devices). They are designed exclusively for storing and moving pallets and are not suitable for transporting people.

Griptech also offers a weighing hand pallet truck in its product range. This hand pallet truck has a load capacity of 2000 kg and is equipped with high-quality weighing components that guarantee a weighing accuracy of ±0.1% of the weighed weight. The robust base unit of the pallet truck is galvanized, while the large handle is covered with rubber to ensure a secure grip. Each wheel arm is mounted with two load cells in line to provide accurate weight measurements. The battery of the weighing hand pallet truck has a capacity for approximately 100 hours of operation and can be recharged with an external charger